Third rock from the sun and in the inhabitable zone. Earth consists of a complex ecosystem that can host a variety of different animals, plants, and oceanic life. The species has advanced the technology to the point of roads, gas and electric powered vehicles, nuclear energy, spaceships (vehicles) that can support life for limited amounts of time. On a scale of the universe we rank low because our technology has not advanced to light speed or similar capabilities. Improvements to peace with ourselves, life support, energy production, communications, encryption, and weapons for global defense are all necessary to compete with what's out there. Earth is a beautiful place to live and explore. Over two hundred countries mostly peaceful span vast landscapes with forests, mountains, lakes, and oceans. Cities and rural areas populate the land with life ready to build beyond.

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Johannesburg offers the public access to the city's departments and announcements. Find plenty to do from city festivals to parks and recreation. Johannesburg has amazing places to discover and excellent hotels to accommodate your night's stay. Residential and business services. Utility resources, local maps, news, and project updates. Johannesburg delivers an excellent South Africa experience!


Toronto's official page offers visitors and residents a range of services. Find the latest city headlines, points of interest, business services, city departments, and employment resources. Bus routes, public works, and recreation under (trails and open space).

DubaiWelcome to Dubai

Dubai's government landing page. Explore different services and departments within the city. Residents have access to land allocation and planning, marine and coastal environment, and public parks and recreation. This municipality includes one of the tallest structures built on Earth.

  • NYC

    NYC delivers everything NYCity to your desktop or hand held device! Find information regarding local business, permits, resident resources, and links to city wide services. Discover events all across the five boroughs from arts to social gatherings. Go behind the scenes and learn what New York City really has to offer, find what you need including a job board.NYC


    Share your thoughts, pictures, and interactions. Connect with others from around the community and socialize. by America Mail Service

  • Sydney, NSW, AU

    This is the perfect site to use when planning a vacation or living in Sydney, AU. The landmass offers a beautiful city, Art & Culture, and fine places to eat. City services, city hall, library, and other departments can be located here as well.Sydney, NSW, AU

  • Barcelona, ES

    Barcelona's portal to the city, Find out about the wide range of festa majors or annual festivals taking place in Barcelona's districts and neighbourhoods. City wide services and government links. Explore what Barcelona is all about. Barcelona

  • Peru

    Peru's official page. Government, Business, city services, and news from the area. Residents can find useful information from their community Lima, Peru

  • Parks and Recreation

    Parks stretch for miles across the vast land of the great planet. Research where to stay, what to do, and how to get there.Parks and Recreation

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